What is sectuZ.NET ?

sectuZ.NET is indie games developer.

Where are you from ?

KoŇ°ice, Slovakia.

Are you making only games ?

Mainly yes. Sometimes I also make some pixel-art or 3D art. I was also producing music several years ago, and thanks to this i can make my own music in games. Lately I'm focused only in games and game soundtracks.

What kind of games u already made ?

In past I was making games for Android platforms using Java and Android SDK. Those games were mostly puzzle/logic 2D games. When I wanted to start making more complex and 3D games, I hit the wall and I decided to move on Unity engine, which I'm using for my next official 3D game called Infiltria which is WIP.

What kind of games do you play ?

Mostly any kind. But besides "any kind", I had some years addiction to MMOs, MOBAs, RPGs and biggest addiction past few years I have in Rogue-like games.

Do you make games for living ?

I'm not making games for living and it's only hobby. In profession I'm Java web developer.

Are you available for freelance ?

At the moment I'm not available for freelance.

How can I contact you ?

Contact me via mail, in section contact, or just click here: mailto:info@sectuz.net